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Wednesday, October 21
Latino Children’s Literature at the 2009 Los Angeles Latino Family and Book Festival: Presente!

By Guest Writer Oralia Garza de Cortés

…The newbie in this gathering of authors was Linda Cortéz, who I must admit I had heard about. I figured she was probably the publisher for the new East Los Angeles publishing house Frijoles Press, but as it turns out, Linda was not with Frijolitos Press at all. Who is she? I wondered as I kept trying to find more information on the web. Little if any information was available online. Amazon featured four titles for “When I Was Little”, including a children’s book with the same title from the famed actress Jamie Lee Curtis. I figured if Jamie could write a book with such a title, so could Linda. Once I met Linda, I felt proud for her. “Good for her” I thought, for giving Jamie Lee a good run for her money. Linda’s stories from this collection of vignettes are recollections of childhood experiences. The stories are a product of a turn to writing as a way to honor the memory of her parents who both died months apart. While the stories were meant to be those treasured memories from childhood, Linda found her voice to be that of the voices of youth she recognized as a fourth grade elementary classroom. Determined to bring her stories to publication light, Linda decided to self publish her book.

Like Dorothy with her Toto, Linda goes everywhere with her own Toto-like character that goes by the name “Grand”. During the Conference panel discussion, Grand managed to escape, only to be picked up by Linda as she quickly found a place on the discussion table for him, too. Partial proceeds from her book will be donated by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who have given Cortez’s book a partial endorsement.

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